A Little Busy....and a new blog

Well I finally got around to blogging. I have not updated my blog as much as I would like. Now that the busy wedding season is over I have some time to finish redesigning my site and blog. So what is is this blog all about ? Well, to put it simply , a little of my work and little of peek into my world. I will try to share some tips on wedding trends, photography trends and some ideas on how to make the most of your special day. You may also notice that I have a new blog, I decided to the hosting myself and maintain the blog on my own. It will allow me to update and change what I want on the fly without worrying about any changes in service my the provider.

Tara & David's Wedding

What a fun couple. Tara and David have been together forever.. They had such an amazing time at the reception, starting with the entrance where David slid through the arch of flowers.. Nice touch. The second dance was also a great rock song that, lets just say, shocked a few people.. haha. nice job guys..