Documenting Your Wedding Day

Photographs are some of the best ways to document occasions. Birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings, these are just some of the instances where photographs are used to tell the story of that special occasion. Wedding pictures, for instance, tell the story of the beginning of the bride and groom’s life together. The wedding is a statement, not only legally, but publicly that a couple has decided to be together for the rest of their lives. And the documenting of that occasion by using photographs is the best way to remember the special moments of that special day.
A wedding photo is just a moment; a moment of a certain instance during the wedding. The photos may start with the bride and groom before the ceremony. This displays their lives apart with their friends and family. It is a brilliant representation of who they spent time with and had relationships with along the way in their lives. Then, the pictures may be the wedding party walking down the aisle to stand on their respective sides. This represents the two parties of friends coming together in harmony to celebrate the union of their mutual friends and family. Then the pictures would be of the wedding. This is easy to understand, this represents the public union of the two in front of their friends and family. Then the pictures would be the two parties together representing the two groups of friends and families coming together around the bride and groom to show their support for the union.

Finally, the pictures could be taken at the reception or dance and dinner following the wedding, showing the celebration between the two groups of friends and family and, like the bride and groom will become, the two groups become one.

The best way to accomplish this storytelling of photographs is simple. Of course posed pictures are the norm in traditional weddings, one group of people stand in front of the camera and act happily. Though this can be advantageous to tell the story of the wedding, there are also better photos to be taken that would do better to tell the story of the wedding in its true form. Posed pictures are defiantly better for formal framings of the event, but candid pictures are far better when it comes documenting the event.

Taking candid pictures of all of these events can do well to capture the truth behind the special occasion