Wedding Pro or Your Uncle Bob ?

When it comes to wedding photography, experience counts. Many couples are tempted to try and save money by entrusting this important task to a friend or relative. But properly documenting the big day requires much more than simply having an expensive digital camera. You will be admiring and sharing your wedding pictures for years to come, so don’t cut corners.

A professional wedding photographer will meet with you before the event. They will bring examples of their previous work and ask you which shots you prefer. This will help them get to know you and your personal style. They will then be able to use this knowledge to determine what type of approach is just right for you – casual, elegant or somewhere in between.

Unlike amateurs, professional photographers have the technical knowledge to make every shot the best it can be. They are experts in lighting, composition, field depth and proper focus. They can select the perfect moment to snap a candid shot, and they know exactly how to set up a posed picture so that everyone looks their best. Not to mention that professionals spend thousands of dollars purchasing and maintaining top photographic gear to ensure the highest quality images.

A professional photographer also has the experience to make certain that every aspect of the day is thoroughly documented. They will capture every special moment and get a shot of every single guest. Because they aren’t personally involved in the event, they won’t be distracted by wanting to eat, drink, dance, make conversation or otherwise participate in the festivities. They are there for one reason and one reason only – to make sure that your wedding pictures are exactly what you want them to be.

Once the wedding is over, your professional wedding photographer will present many options for how to store, display and present the pictures. They will offer a selection of beautiful albums that will make it easy and fun to share your memories with friends and family. They can also mat and frame special shots and provide reprints in any size desired.

It’s easy to see - professional wedding photography is an investment that will pay off for years to come.