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As you can see I have been super busy. I have not really had a chance to update my blog since this past winter. Well I finally got around to getting all of those edit up. Enjoy the photos ! -B

Monica and Carlos' Wedding

Posting has been a bit slow lately due to the busy wedding season. Here are a few from Monica & Carlos' Wedding.Church: St Vito's Church Underhill Avenue Mamaroneck, NY
Reception: Hyatt Regency Old Greenwich, Connecticut


I love window shots..



The Toast






I LOVE Shadows !




Trends in Wedding Photography

Every wedding is unique and special. One of the most precious memories for the couple of the day are the photographs. Today there are many new and unique ways to chronicle the day.With the dawn of digital cameras, the possibilities are now nearly endless. Today your pictures can be less expensive, more impressive and ready in much less time than was standard in the past. No longer are there disturbing flash bulbs to deal with, film to reload or months of waiting for the proofs to come in. Photographers today can do what once took months in just a matter of days. Plus, digital photos are easy to save, share and print as often as you like.

One of hottest fads in wedding photography in recent years is a style termed portrait photojournalism. Forget those typical stoically posed pictures and the forced smiles and instead opt for a more natural style. This method chronicles the day from prep to the last dance as it unfolds naturally. This is a spontaneous and much more relaxed style of chronicling the big day.

On the other side, there has also been a rise in glamour style of photography. This trend calls for the photos to have a high-style air with the use of techniques behind the lens and in the editing room.

Black and white photos are a classic and have always been very popular. They offer a great variety of choices from muted syles, to sepia and cross-color styles and offer the lucky couple a unique style for wedding photos. There is also the old stand by, of putting disposable cameras on the tables so that guest can take and share their views of the ceremony with the lucky couple. This is a fun and affordable method of getting spontaneous shots of the ceremony.

Unable to decide on one particular style? Then why not combine a variety of styles and create one of your own? You could create a compilation of black and whites and color shots to create your prefect photographs. Today the possibilities are virtually endless and the only limits are those set by the couple.

With all of the chooses available to couples today, there is certainly one that will meet your needs, budgets and desires. Whatever style suits you best, the most important thing is to follow your heart and make it your own.