Newsday - Published

So I woke up this Valentine's Day to a facebook comment on my wall saying congrats on being published in Newsday.... I was shocked, no idea.. Although this is not the first time I have been published, it is nice to be in the local paper... Here is the scan from the article.


Michele and Joseph's Wedding

There is just something special about an outdoor wedding in the middle of Manhattan. Michele and Joseph picked the perfect venue for their ceremony. The fabulous Remi Restaurant in the heart of NYC. The Ceremony was beautiful, the food was amazing, and the cake.. well I will just let you see for yourself. Enjoy the photos.












Wedding Pro or Your Uncle Bob ?

When it comes to wedding photography, experience counts. Many couples are tempted to try and save money by entrusting this important task to a friend or relative. But properly documenting the big day requires much more than simply having an expensive digital camera. You will be admiring and sharing your wedding pictures for years to come, so don’t cut corners.

A professional wedding photographer will meet with you before the event. They will bring examples of their previous work and ask you which shots you prefer. This will help them get to know you and your personal style. They will then be able to use this knowledge to determine what type of approach is just right for you – casual, elegant or somewhere in between.

Unlike amateurs, professional photographers have the technical knowledge to make every shot the best it can be. They are experts in lighting, composition, field depth and proper focus. They can select the perfect moment to snap a candid shot, and they know exactly how to set up a posed picture so that everyone looks their best. Not to mention that professionals spend thousands of dollars purchasing and maintaining top photographic gear to ensure the highest quality images.

A professional photographer also has the experience to make certain that every aspect of the day is thoroughly documented. They will capture every special moment and get a shot of every single guest. Because they aren’t personally involved in the event, they won’t be distracted by wanting to eat, drink, dance, make conversation or otherwise participate in the festivities. They are there for one reason and one reason only – to make sure that your wedding pictures are exactly what you want them to be.

Once the wedding is over, your professional wedding photographer will present many options for how to store, display and present the pictures. They will offer a selection of beautiful albums that will make it easy and fun to share your memories with friends and family. They can also mat and frame special shots and provide reprints in any size desired.

It’s easy to see - professional wedding photography is an investment that will pay off for years to come.

Anytime Portrait Sessions

Introducing anytime portrait sessions starting at $250 ! Have you have wanted to have images of you and your loved ones done in the style of modern wedding photography ? A touch of photojournalism and a touch of portraiture. Here are a few examples of an anytime children's portrait session. Casual and FUN ! Here a few photos at a local beach in Massapequa,NY



Documenting Your Wedding Day

Photographs are some of the best ways to document occasions. Birthdays, anniversaries, and weddings, these are just some of the instances where photographs are used to tell the story of that special occasion. Wedding pictures, for instance, tell the story of the beginning of the bride and groom’s life together. The wedding is a statement, not only legally, but publicly that a couple has decided to be together for the rest of their lives. And the documenting of that occasion by using photographs is the best way to remember the special moments of that special day.
A wedding photo is just a moment; a moment of a certain instance during the wedding. The photos may start with the bride and groom before the ceremony. This displays their lives apart with their friends and family. It is a brilliant representation of who they spent time with and had relationships with along the way in their lives. Then, the pictures may be the wedding party walking down the aisle to stand on their respective sides. This represents the two parties of friends coming together in harmony to celebrate the union of their mutual friends and family. Then the pictures would be of the wedding. This is easy to understand, this represents the public union of the two in front of their friends and family. Then the pictures would be the two parties together representing the two groups of friends and families coming together around the bride and groom to show their support for the union.

Finally, the pictures could be taken at the reception or dance and dinner following the wedding, showing the celebration between the two groups of friends and family and, like the bride and groom will become, the two groups become one.

The best way to accomplish this storytelling of photographs is simple. Of course posed pictures are the norm in traditional weddings, one group of people stand in front of the camera and act happily. Though this can be advantageous to tell the story of the wedding, there are also better photos to be taken that would do better to tell the story of the wedding in its true form. Posed pictures are defiantly better for formal framings of the event, but candid pictures are far better when it comes documenting the event.

Taking candid pictures of all of these events can do well to capture the truth behind the special occasion