Julio Editorial

It took a little warming up to the camera, but once he did Julio's personality came through.  Lately I have been turning off the studio lights and going for a more editorial look, bright editorial look.  This is a little bit of Yin/Yang. Dark and Light looks.

Julio looks like he fits right in an an for GAP or Banana Republic.  


I wanted to give his first looks a little character. My signature looks are usually dark and contrasty, 

A little light from the warehouses outside really makes the scene.  A little "street light" emulation.

Now, on to the editorial looks.   

Great expression

Julio rocked this look


Xing Kai Wu

Ladies and Gentlemen I bring to you my first blog post on my new site. And I was really excited to be shooting Xing Kai Wu. Xing is a model, actor, and all around nice guy. I had the pleasure of shooting Xing at my studio in Long Island City.  I wanted to capture something that he did not have for his portfolio, something edgier.  

We started out on the roof top, which is probably my favorite place to shoot. And although we were quickly losing available light, we were able to capture some amazing images in a short time. 


Photographers note:

The Most of the Shoot was done with Elinchrom BXRI's as well as Wescott Icelights and Skylux LED.